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doublepirouettes-deactivated201 asked: "Am I literally the only one who thinks Fikshun is good? Everyone I know hates him but he and Amy were just my favorite couple. also, I love aaron."

probably not literally

(But I do think Aaron will win.)

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fatimagic asked: "I've been meaning to ask you, what do you think of Nigel's attitude about Jenna and Makenzie this season? I had to rage about it after the episode aired. This season is so filled with bias and inappropriate/unprofessional commentary, especially from Nigel imo. And that comment from Debbie Allen about Witney Carson? Uggh. It makes the show hard to watch."

It’s an insult to the dancers when Nigel comments on their bodies instead of the actual dance. Viewers aren’t blind; we see how beautiful (and sexy) the dancers are. We don’t need to hear it constantly and in the most creepy way possible. It makes me feel sooo uncomfortable. Remember how last year Witney’s dad talked about how he hated her costumes and how she was his ‘little girl’? I wonder how he felt about his good Mormon daughter being overtly sexualized on national TV.

I feel like the only reason nobody ever says anything about Nigel’s behavior is because dancers don’t want to get blacklisted from the community. It sits so wrong with me.

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malikizhere asked: "Yes I agree I wished Jasmine and Carlos stayed longer because I think they would have grown so much. Tucker and Jenna were my absolute favorites, and they both got eliminated tonight so I am actually very upset. But also Amy is another favorite of mine. For me I don't care much for Paul, and feel some others deserved to be here instead of him. I dunno just my thoughts. Also overall this season made alot of mistakes in my opinion."

Jenna was sooo versatile. Paul was as well, but I didn’t feel very sad when he was eliminated. I’m not quite sure who I feel like should have been in the finale when it comes to the boys because of how the eliminations/injuries went this season. Amy is cute and great in her style but has not impressed me when she danced outside of it. I would probably like Amy more if the judges had actually critiqued her throughout the season. Her waltz was awful! I didn’t feel like I watched her grow very much even though she had a lot of potential. Who do you want to see win it now?

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Do you guys prefer gifsets (usually one post per dance) or one big gif (usually several singular posts per dance)?

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