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Never thought I would see twerking the SYTYCD stage.

Never thought I would see twerking the SYTYCD stage.

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Dat face

Dat face

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Anonymous asked: "I'm a little torn between Tucker and Aaron. Based on that ask you just answered I feel like I should have more facts and reasonable things to back me up but I've always just trusted my gut with this show. I guess I connect more to the people and those two just have something about them that makes me want to root for them and follow their careers and vote like crazy."

Paul sometimes disappears on camera for me. In his rehearsal footage/online he comes across as fun. He won SYTYCD Armenia so I wonder if his personality is coming across differently since he is in America.

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Sorry for all the text posts tonight but photoshop is being super slow. Please don’t message me anonymously. In my mind anon is one person and it gets super confusing because I keep trying to reference previous anons.

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I’m so sorry for randomly posting this summer. I know I go through bits where I post a lot and then I disappear for weeks. I go to school full time during the summer, I’m moving this week and I went through a break up last month. I really do like SYTYCD and talking with you guys and making gifs and basically you are the best followers I could ask for. Thank you so much. I appreciate every follow, every like, every reblog, every message. Thank you thank you thank you!

I know a lot of you are starting school again this week. I wish you all  the best of luck. I know high school can suck, but trust me life really does get better! The bullies grow up. People start listening to better music. Life gets more beautiful. You’re not alone. If you ever feel down, you can message me, ok?

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Does you guys like it when I answer some questions publicly or not? I’ve tended to ignore anon question or reply privately, but lately I’m not so sure. If you like it, you should send me some questions/your thoughts! What do you think?

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